Office and commercial space in Berlin

Modern and flexible.


Perfect location

The econoparks by GSG Berlin, with more than 280,000 m² of office and commercial space in Berlin, are the perfect location for cost-conscious entrepreneurs.


More Square Metre

The econoparks offer the tenant more for the square metre. Here businesses are able to grow, space is variable and various services round off the offer. As modern real property provider we offer high speed internet, service centers, cafeterias und lots more at our econoparks.


Less Cost

Low rent, security for service costs and value-added services translate to a unique price/performance ratio that makes future planning and growth possible.



econoparks are ideal for businesses of all types and sizes – as all have ample car and bike parking spaces and specifically designated loading areas in front of the buildings. Thus Logistical processes in the manufacturing sector can be ideally represented.


Maximum Space Efficiency

The spaces are “shell & core” rented. The tenants can adapt the space to their needs. They can even undertake the layout of the rooms and decide on the décor standard themselves. We are happy to assist the tenant in this process.

Fast growing companies belong in the econoparks. They profit from possible space expansions directly on site. For this purpose, units can be rented successively compatible to company growth.


High technical standard

The technical standards of econoparks enable a multi-functional use from office to production. The modern buildings provide sufficient ceiling loads of 1,000 kg/m² on the normal and roof floors and 2.000 kg/m² on the ground floors. The room ceiling heights vary from 2.50 m to 3.50 m on the normal floors, the ground floors up to 5.50 m and at selected locations on the roof floor up to a height of 6m. Our ground floor units offer some practical roll-up doors for ground level loading and unloading. All buildings also have passenger and freight elevators, and the units are equipped with structured data cabling.

For the thinkers of tomorrow.

Biggest photovoltaic plant in Berlin with an annual production of approx. 5.8 million kWh of electricity

The Berlin solar plant covers an area of 43,000 square meters and reduces CO2 emissions by about 5,000 tons per year!

Tenants will benefit in the future from our green solar electricity

Fiber Optic Highspeed Internet.

Our locations are equipped with its own high-availability fiber and allow Internet at breathtaking speed

We offer both asymmetric and symmetric internet connections with a bandwidth of your choice

Up to 10 Gbit/s are possible on request: that's 100x faster than a very fast 100 MBit/s internet connection!



Plauener Straße 163-165
13053 Berlin
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Wolfener Straße 32-34, 36
12681 Berlin
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Döbelner Str. 1-5, 7
12627 Berlin
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Pankstraße 8-10
13127 Berlin
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Wilhelm-v.-Siemens-Str. 23
12277 Berlin
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Econoparks by GSG Berlin

Geneststraße 5

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